Product Detail

Dimension :

A : 53 cm

B : 52 cm

C : 61 cm

D : 28.5 cm

E : 15 cm
Capacity : 11 Litres
Ceramic Inserts


Please refer -> 2008-6 5+1 CERAMIC INSERT
                         2008-R ROUND CERAMIC INSERT 
                         2008-S SIDE CERAMIC INSERT
Melamine Inserts :
Please refer -> 2008M-6 5+1 MELAMINE INSERT
                         2008-R ROUND CERAMIC INSERT
                         2008-S SIDE CERAMIC INSERT
Qware® Malay Dome Set 2008 is tailor-made to be a helpful companion for home cooks or commercial use in all kinds of indoor and outdoor occasion events, such as feast, home parties, buffet service and catering. With lid, pan and even the housing (base) that constructed from high quality stainless steel, Qware® Malay Dome Set 2008 can be assured to be durable and hygienic for day-to-day use. Qware® Malay Dome Set 2008 comes with optional 1 round and 5 side ceramic or melamine inserts (optional) that allow you to serve various mouthwatering dishes to your guests.
Easy Handling
Side handles and top knob are all specially designed for better grip and easy handling.
Durable and Hygienic
Made from high quality stainless steel with simple yet practical design which is durable, hygienic for day-to-day use and easy for clean and maintenance.
Optional : Ceramic or Melamine Inserts
Qware® Malay Dome Set 2008's revolving round container is complete with 1 round and 5 side ceramic or melamine inserts.
Heated by Tea-Lights
The food tray is heated by 5 tea-lights to keep the meals warm at the right temperature.